BORIS OBERGFÖLL – “This Javelin Throw generation is exceptional”


The has the latest report on what Boris Obergföll thinks of Germany’s present generation.  Boris simply states: “THE BEST GERMAN JAVELIN THROW GENERATIONS OF ALL TIME!”

by Silke Bernhart

“A new German record. Currently, one, two, three, seven and eight of the world. And the current German top five all with top performances in the top ten of the everlasting German highscore. The German javelins have caused a sensation at the beginning of the season! In the interview, Boris Obergföll speaks of a special spearwurf generation, the team work behind the success, the danger of excessive expectations and his roles as a home and Bundestrainer as well as a trainer in the German Athletics Federation (DLV).

Boris Obergföll, the strong DLV javelins have become even stronger and are currently worried with wide throws for astonishment. A Facebook user writes on the website of the best German spearwurf generation of all…

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